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Why choose Bourlet Consulting?

Highly qualified financial expertise is hard to find. Bourlet Consulting has all the experience of building wealth with a personal touch.

A cut above the rest

Expertise makes the difference


As Chartered Financial Planners we are required to reach the highest academic standards.


CII Qualified: We are one of only 14% of firms with Chartered status, accrediting Bourlet Consulting as experts when it comes to financial planning.

CISI Accredited: Bourlet Consulting is one of the very few advising firms further academically accredited by the CISI in the UK.


Chartered Financial Planners need to be able to apply theoretical learning in the real world.

We work with families, business owners, Trustees and professional Deputy’s, which requires a combination of technical expertise and real-world knowhow.


As recognition of our ethical standing, we are a Chartered & CISI Accredited firm.

In practice, this is just how we work with clients.

We want every customer to feel safe in the knowledge that their money is well protected. Providing a secure home and robust process is central to what we do.

Deep understanding

The ongoing value of
financial planning

Building wealth, growing investments, and allowing you to live your life the way
you want is the true value of financial planning. At Bourlet Consulting, our value is created from knowledge, application, and partnership.


Using our extensive knowledge, we can devise the best way to design your financial future.


Through data and analytic rigour, we use all our 20 years of expertise to ignite a beautiful financial plan.


We build a strong partnership with you to help shape your financial plan to suit your needs and lifestyle.


You end up with a beautiful crafted highly personalised solution that you can use and pass down to future generations.

Long term relationships

Our Promise

History tells us that regularly reviewing your progress is essential if you are to achieve your goal.

Appointing us to work with you ongoing, we will benchmark your progress against your financial plan, adjusting as time moves forward. Our service is designed to meet all your financial planning requirements and includes access to your adviser when you need it.

We conduct an in-depth annual review of your current objectives and circumstances to ensure that your plan remains current. Incorporated in the review is a comprehensive review of the performance of your investment portfolio, the provision of advice on how to make best use of your annual income, capital gains and, if appropriate, inheritance tax allowances.

Your cashflow forecast will be maintained and fine-tuned to keep in line with your changing circumstances. With your permission we will also liaise with any other professionals you appoint so we are all working together to achieve the very best outcome for you.

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