How we keep you on track

Things change and life happens. Families grow, careers take new shape and not least, your outlook changes with it. Coupled with modifications to investments, legislation, tax, and estate planning approaches, we believe it’s important to be flexible and keep on top of things.

Annual check-up in six steps


Step 1:


A lot can happen in a year. Life events can come thick and fast. Whether it’s a new job, a new addition to the family, a change in relationships or a loved one passing away, it can mean a change in your perspective.

Step 2:


Let’s check through your objectives and the latest facts and figures. We’ll look at the milestones you’ve set and see if they remain as your current thinking. If needed, we can set some new objectives to reflect your current views. From there, we’ll advise how best to achieve them with you.

Step 3:


Keeping on track and revisiting objectives is an integral part of the review. Checking to ensure that your forecast is accurate ensures that there are no nasty shocks and surprises to deal with.

Step 4:


Presenting and reviewing the performance of your investments in the context of your Financial Plan is the key part of our discussion. We see if they are meeting expectations and advise if anything needs adapting to reflect changing markets.

Step 5:


We set the path for the next 12 months. What you are doing and how we will help is documented and will be revisited next time. And it’s not long before we check in again for our annual review.

Step 6:


Setting the path for the next 12 months and what you are doing and what we are doing for you is documented and will be revisited next time. And it’s not long before we check in again for our annual review.

Review costs

Invested funds

The cost of our Review Service is based on the value of investments that we manage for you. Our costs are as follows:

Investment valueReview Cost
Below £1,000,0001.00% pa
£1,000,000 or more0.85% pa
£1,500,000 or more0.75% pa
£2,000,000 or more0.70% pa
£2,500,000 or more0.65% pa

The Review costs for portfolios of more than £1,000,000 applies to the whole portfolio, not just the amount above the specified value band.

There is a minimum annual cost of £2,500.

Since our costs are calculated on a percentage basis, the cash amount will increase as the value of your portfolio increases. Similarly, it will reduce as the value of your portfolio reduces.

Next steps

Get in touch

If you want to know more about our plan and process, simply pick up the phone, get in touch and we would be happy to talk through financial options with you.