About Us

Bourlet Consulting was founded in 2003 as a Financial Planning firm with one guiding principle:

Clients come first.


Bourlet Financial Planning - our origins

Founded in 2003 in a world of commissions and opaque dealing, we set out our founding principle.

That is: to provide the best quality advice where our clients come first, with transparency at its core.  

When it comes to expert financial planning, our clients have remained the focal point for everything we do. We want our clients to feel understood, valued and confident that they are in excellent hands.

In a world of big institutions where many have lost transparency and intimacy, we believe that trust and respect are at the heart of a successful advisory relationship. We deal with what is important to you – not what is important to shareholders. 


Bourlet Glass


How we've grown - a trusted reputation

From this founding principle, our business has grown and thrived.

Our clients tell us that they trust us. Implicitly. They trust us with the most intimate of financial arrangements and their hopes and aspirations for their own and very often, their children's future. 

Building mutual trust starts at the very first meeting. Listening to priorities, what is important and who the most important relationships are is our starting point.  Over time, as our relationship develops, trust deepens.  

We take this responsibility very seriously. We never pass this information to third parties - we treat the information provided with discretion and respect.

In this way, we are able to create trust - both ways. 




What do our clients value?

To gain an independent perspective, we commissioned an external agency to discuss with our clients what they feel is important in our relationship. 

Knowing where they stand financially in relation to their personal aspirations was the key thing for most of our clients. The feeling of confidence that they will not run out of money if they stick to their plans was the thing that provided peace of mind and reassurance. 

Assessment of risk and how much to take was the single biggest decision our clients felt they made alongside management of income and expenditure. 

Above all, where our relationship is concerned, they want to be able to pick up the phone and to talk through whatever is on their mind with someone they know and trust implicitly.

For us, this is simply business as usual. Our tried and tested approach to dealing with complex financial issues is based on old fashioned personal service with cutting edge technology.

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